Speaking & Workshops

Sharing my experiences and what I've learned through them has always been a passion of mine. I strongly believe that we can always learn something new from someone else, so my intention whenever I receive the opportunity to speak or host a workshop is to have you leave with new perspectives that resonate with you deeply and help you grow. When it comes to my workshops, I stress the importance of doing the inner work after gaining new perspectives and knowledge. If any of my topics resonate with you, it would be an honor to speak at your event!

Some topics I love to speak about are —
Celebrating heartbreak: breaking the negativity of breakups
  • Understanding why "toxic" people come into your life
  • Explanation of karmic cycles, soul mates, twin flames, & divine life partners
  • Learning how to shift your perspective to be grateful rather than be hateful
  • The importance of forgiving rather than forgetting
Stepping into your power when you feel at an all time low
  • Understanding why you are currently in this "low" state
  • Becoming aware of old programming from childhood
  • What it means to truly step into your power
  • Returning to the present to take action for the next step
Why protecting your heart is preventing you from love
  • Understanding how media has influenced to perceive what "love" is
  • How trauma causes emotions to be trapped in your body and affect your current relationships
  • Explanation of the heart-wall - an energetic wall created by our subconscious to protect our heart
  • Breaking down relationship expectations and learning to let go in order to bring in unconditional love
Building authentic connections in a disconnected digital world
  • Becoming aware of why you use social media
  • How to build an authentic connection with yourself and others
  • Being more mindful of the information we bring into our conscious/subconscious
  • Tips to being more intentional and mindful when using social media
The journey to finding your soul's purpose
  • Importance of balancing the mind/body/soul
  • Embracing your uncomfortable sides of yourself
  • Understanding that the journey does not happen overnight
  • Healing is not a linear journey
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