Passion, Purpose, & Psychedelics w/ "Better In Doses" | Roxanne Roncal | EP. 20

Roxanne Roncal a.k.a. "Rox" is a creative strategist and owner of her multidimensional platform for creators called Better In Doses. Through her brand (which is a nod to micro-dosing), she creates and curates content with the goal of spreading knowledge of mind expanding substances & creative expression inspired by psychedelic experiences.

On today's episode, we discuss...
+ Rox's first experience with LSD on a road trip with her family
+ the origin of LSD and Albert Hofmann, the first person to synthesize, ingest, and learn of the psychedelic effects of LSD
+ the importance of educating yourself and the context of "set and setting" before tripping
+ loads more!

DISCLAIMER: This episode is intended for informational purposes only and we are not promoting the use of illegal drugs.


Exploring Traditional Tea - A Daily Plant Medicine | Rie Tulali | EP. 17

Rie Tulali is the founder and content creator of Teacurious - a friendly resource for tea explorers. With over 10 years of experience with tea tasting and practice, her love for tea has helped her learn many lessons about life. Today's episode is filmed in her tea room at Las Vegas, NV.

On today's episode, we discuss...
+ how tea can change someone's energy, mood, and performance
+ tea in tea bags vs. traditional tea
+ how type of water affects tea plus her experiment with tea brewed with snow water
+ the five general categories of tea and how getting tea drunk is an actual thing
+ loads more!


Using Plant Medicine To Dive Deep Within Yourself | Gabriel Ng | EP. 7

Gabriel Ng is a yogi/filmmaker who loves to create from his heart and assist in awakening the world. Currently in Las Vegas, NV and originally from Tacoma, WA, it fulfills Gabe the most to work with people & businesses into altruism and helping others. Today's episode was filmed at Desert Bloom Park in Henderson, NV.

On this episode, we discuss…
+ using plant medicine to dive deeper into yourself and how all of the answers are inside you
+ how knowledge is useless unless it is understood and applied
+ the importance of shifting your perspective to be grateful and things will change around you
+ the cycle of judgment
+ loads more!