Inevitability of Depression in The Human Experience | McKenna Renee | EP. 22

McKenna Renee is an artist and new mother based out of Southern California. She recently gave a natural water birth to her lovely daughter and participated in a lotus birth which leaves her placenta attached to the baby's umbilical cord until it falls off naturally. Today's episode was filmed in Yorba Linda, CA.

On today's episode, we discuss...
+ the inevitability of depression in the human experience and how depression shows the depth of your emotions
+ her experience of having a non-induced natural water birth at a birthing center with the help of midwives rather than through a doctor
+ what a lotus birth is and how it affects both the mother and child
+ what twin flame and soulmate relationships are and how twin flame relationships teach you the most lessons in life
+ loads more!

P.S. My mic pack died during the last 15 minutes of the episode so I apologize for the audio inconvenience! I plan to have someone monitor video/audio for season 3 to minimize any more technical difficulties. Stay tuned for my new series in June! 💕