Sound Ascension, Candle Magic, & Witchy Connotations | Eric Brown | EP. 12

Eric Brown is a reiki master teacher and intuitive energy reader based in Las Vegas, NV. Through his company, Ascension Energy, Eric travels between California, Arizona, Utah, and other requested locations to bring the energies of Crystal Healing, Sacred Smudging, Intuitive Healing, and Life Coaching to provide a complete 360° of healing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. Today's episode is filmed in his lovely home in Henderson, NV.

On this episode, we discussed…
+ the creation of sound ascension ceremonies w/ that happens every new moon and full moon
+ the use of candles as a physical tool to help bring manifestations into this reality
+ how sungazing during sunrise or sunset decalcifies your pineal gland
+ what being a witch really means and how being a witch does not classify someone as good or bad
+ loads more!