CBD & Educating Yourself To Best Heal Your Body | Brandon Ghidossi | EP. 9

Brandon Ghidossi is a spiritual warrior, cannabis advocate, and universal truth seeker who provides quality CBD products through his company, Harmonious CBD. His passion to help heal and educate sets himself apart from other CBD companies as his intention is to truly help people heal to reach their highest and best good. Today's episode was filmed in Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas, NV.

On this episode, we discuss…
+ respecting the cannabis plant and using cbd for its powerful healing capabilities (p.s. cbd DOESN'T make you high)
+ the importance of checking lab results to make sure that you are receiving quality products
+ our experiences with ingesting different cbd methods such as cbd gummies, cbd tinctures, etc.
+ loads more!

WHERE TO FIND BRANDON ONLINE https://www.harmoniouscbd.com https://www.instagram.com/harmoniouscbd https://www.facebook.com/harmoniouscbd12 support@harmoniouscbd.com