Facing a Piece of Yourself Through Aura Photography | Renee Robertson | EP. 5

Renee Robertson is an aura photographer and shamanic reiki practitioner at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center in Las Vegas, NV. Through her aura camera named Lady of Light, Renee uses her intuition to help unfold what a person's aura says about them at the time their photo is taken. Today's episode was filmed in her lovely home since darkness was needed to take an aura photo.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ what auras are and how to use aura photography to unfold what a person says about them at the time their photo is taken
+ how it's NOT possible to have a black aura
+ being of service to others and helping people realize to step into your power within
+ loads more! she also took an aura photo of me just to show you her process. 📸