Using Tarot As A Tool for Guidance | Pamela Jean | EP. 6

Pamela Jean is a reiki practitioner and tarot card reader based in Las Vegas, NV. Today's episode was filmed in her business, Velveteen Rabbit.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ how she uses tarot cards as a tool for guidance and understanding her own journey
+ the importance of the negative as much as the positive
+ being "ageless" and how everyone has their own journey
+ loads more!


Facing a Piece of Yourself Through Aura Photography | Renee Robertson | EP. 5

Renee Robertson is an aura photographer and shamanic reiki practitioner at Enchanted Forest Reiki Center in Las Vegas, NV. Through her aura camera named Lady of Light, Renee uses her intuition to help unfold what a person's aura says about them at the time their photo is taken. Today's episode was filmed in her lovely home since darkness was needed to take an aura photo.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ what auras are and how to use aura photography to unfold what a person says about them at the time their photo is taken
+ how it's NOT possible to have a black aura
+ being of service to others and helping people realize to step into your power within
+ loads more! she also took an aura photo of me just to show you her process. 📸


How Sound Can Heal The Body | Colleen McMillian | EP. 4

Colleen McMillian a.k.a. Texas Pine is a Las Vegas singer, musician, healer, and sound girl. Her love for sound led her to create her company, Texas Pine Productions, which encompasses the many aspects of sound and reiki to help others towards their path of healing. Today's episode was filmed at Oak Creek Trail, Las Vegas, NV.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ her definition of sound healing and how she got introduced to it
+ what happens to the body both spiritually and physically when sound travels
+ different instruments for different sound modalities, including the voice
+ loads more! (we also go off on a tangent about love and relationships 😂❤️)


What is Energy Work? | John Liscio | EP. 3

John Liscio is a Las Vegas resident with experience in giving energy work for the past 30 years. John does not provide energy work as a business, but you can usually find him giving at energy circles at Enchanted Forest. Today's episode was filmed on Frenchman Mountain, Las Vegas, NV.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ how receiving energy work is different for everyone
+ using energy circles to "get your feet wet" with energy work
+ the differences between spirituality and religion
+ loads more!

Releasing Trapped Emotions with Emotion Code | Monej Cruz | EP. 2

Monej Cruz is a Las Vegas-based Reiki Master Teacher and founder of her company, Pōtent Häbit. Originally being her name for her Reiki company in 2014, Monej also encorporates Theta, essential oils, crystals, sound, emotion code, and more under her brand. Today's episode was filmed in Pōtent Häbit's healing room in Las Vegas, NV.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ how healing is actually self-healing
+ trapped emotions & what emotion code does
+ ways that you can trap emotions
+ loads more!


The Many Definitions of Awakening | Perris Aquino | EP. 1

For today's guest, Perris Aquino is an artist of life based in Las Vegas focusing mainly in parkour, dance, & film. Perris combines his movement and visual artistry to create conscious content to help others follow their heart and intuition. Today's episode was filmed in Zzyzx, CA.

On this episode, we discuss…

+ Perris’ many definitions of awakening
+ how to work towards becoming more awakened
+ finding light in darkness
+ loads more!