EATS + TREATS // Chaiya Meditation Monastery Monthly Food Fair

For everyone who kept asking about the Thai food fair I go to every month, here's your reminder to go THIS Sunday on March 25, 2018!

Everything below cost me only $15 and the $2 Thai tea isn't even pictured.


Every last Sunday of the month, the Chaiya Meditation Monastery hosts their food fair from 8AM - 12PM. BUT even though it's until 12PM, you need to go as early as you can if you want to get their most popular items. Trust.

NOTE: This place is cash only! But don't worry, everything costs $1 - $5 and all proceeds go towards the monastary.

The demand for some items is INSANE! I waited as long as an hour and a half for pad thai once - and it was totally worth it - but I definitely learned from my mistake and try to show up before 9:30AM. Sometimes I still have to wait up to 30 minutes for my pad thai, but I take that time to look at the other yummy food that they have to offer for that day. Other than pad thai, their other long wait is usually for the fried line - Thai donuts, fried taro, crab rangoon, and some fried shell with meat in it (will hopefully get the name for it this Sunday.)

Also offering pork skewers, rotis, soup, several other dishes and fresh Thai produce, I always get to try something new. I wish I could name off the other dishes that they offer, but I seriously don't know any of the names because I don't speak Thai. (Can anyone come with me to help name off dishes? LOL)

Ever since Pim told me about this monthly food fair, it's really hard for me to go to Thai restaurants nowadays. It's a relatively small food fair... but quality over quantity, right? The fact that all the food is made by cute Thai moms and grandmas make it 100% authentic (and 100% amazing!!) Come through this Sunday and I hope I can catch you at this weekend's thai food fair! c:

hours: 8am - 12pm / every last sunday of the month

address: 7925 virtue ct, las vegas, nv 89113 -- rainbow/windmill area