HELLOOO + welcome to my very first blog post of 2018!

In addition to the start of my vlog this year, I've decided to take on a blog as well (even though I haven't created a vlog in a month... sorry to everyone waiting for my next one). Although I usually post about the food I've devoured, my travels, and my thrifting hauls on Instagram, I feel like I needed a better way for me to express my extended thoughts.

I truly appreciate all of the support from my friends - you all help fuel my fire to create more content and share what I've learned from my experiences. *insert heart emoji here*

If you haven't caught my 2017 RECAP/2018 NEW BEGINNINGS vlog, click on the video below to watch! Please feel free to like, share, and subscribe to me on YouTube 'cause it'll make it all giddy inside. :')

P.S. Anyone remember the blog I tried to start last year...? Yeah, I learned my lesson about trying to make it on Tumblr.