Hi love! I'm Rosemary Fajardo
— an intuitive soul guide for love + connection + balance. I know you're probably like "...so what does that mean?"  but I totally explain it further down on this page.
Let's grow together
About The Soul

Just want to first and foremost express my gratitude for you being on my website, because I truly believe that you're here for a reason. Being grateful is one of the biggest practices I live daily because I strongly believe that we're living this life for a purpose. I went through my share of breakups and depression, always fought with my family as I grew up, and used to constantly feel alone even though I had thousands of friends in real life & on social media... but I realized that I had to go through those dark times to learn how to heal and to come back to my beautiful, loving self. If you relate to any of this, you have the ability to heal from your dark times too (and sometimes you need someone to help guide you!)

Intuitive Soul Guidance

Alright, so what's Intuitive Soul Guidance? Think of it as asking advice from someone who stays balanced with their intuition & the real world to guide you to the next step in your life.

My intention with us connecting is to help you accelerate your growth with self, whether it's through relationships, self-awareness, spirituality, or to simply just have someone listen to what you're trying to figure out in life.

I get it - I've totally been there of being way too inside of my head and reaching out to someone else has always been SUCH a huge help in deciding what to do next. Everyone's not perfect and we all alway shave something to work on within ourselves, but I've come to a point in my life where I've realized that I shouldn't be afraid to help others because I've learned so much that I'd love to share.

By using my intuition ,ability to connect to spirit, and tools such as automatic writing to help guide you to your next step in life, this is how I help you guide your soul.

Through Intuitive Soul Guidance
I have helped souls:
Realize why certain relationships happen in their life
Feel unstuck during a tough time in life
Be more gentle with themselves on their spiritual journey
Learn about several healing tools to help their own spiritual practice
We are all capable of being loving, connected, balanced beings... we just have to put the intention out there and work towards it!
To learn more about how you can accelerate your spiritual and self-growth, click to schedule your free 20 minute intuitive soul guidance!

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