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what is a clarity call?

is there something that you’ve REALLY always wanted to learn more about and don’t know where to go next? have you always wondered how i personally do ___, ___, & ___? do you feel like i can help guide you for your next step? have you ever wanted to ask me something but have assumed that i’m just “too busy” or you’ve been stopping yourself from asking?

here’s your invitation to ask me whatever you’ve been wanting to ask!

for the month of september, i’ll be testing out a new donation-based service* called “clarity calls” via phone call, facetime, or skype to help you move forward on whatever it is you need clarity on! in-person sessions are available as well in the las vegas area

* suggested minimum donation $1 = 1 minute

why donation-based?

i love helping people grow and learn new things to expand their self, so even if your financial situation isn’t the best… feel free to schedule a call anyway! your donation is your form of equivalent energy exchange for the information i share with you, so feel free to donate as much as you feel like is fair for my knowledge and time. this service may only be valid for the month of september, so schedule your clarity call below today 🖤

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some topics i’d love to help you on include, but are not limited to —

growing relationships with yourself & others

feeling lost, alone, depressed, etc.

photo/video camera basics + learning adobe suite programs
(premiere pro, photoshop, lightroom, indesign, basic after effects, etc.)

how to network & find jobs that are beneficial to your growth

how to be mindful of what you’re eating
(went from full-on foodie to not eating meat/seafood so far this year!)

how to stay organized with all the things going on in your my life

keeping track of finances/taxes as a freelancer

budget traveling/spending tips

interior designing ideas and how to declutter your space

website and social media tips

tools & resources to help you on your spiritual journey

how to start practicing tantra

steps to finding your life’s purpose

branding, design, and consistency

& anything else you think of that you want to learn from me!


schedule your clarity call


teachers have three loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together.

- scott hayden