My Thrifting Love - Why, When, and Where To Thrift In Las Vegas

If you’ve known me for a while, you’ve known that I love to thrift. Although I haven’t really been thrifting throughout 2019 since I’ve been minimizing my closet, I love to share my thrifting tips to help promote recycling and to reduce fast fashion. Having little money to spend in the first place is really what kicked me off to start shopping for secondhand finds and probably 85% of my closet is either thrifted, bought at a consignment store, found at a garage sale, or given to me by a friend.

A lot of my friends have told me that they've gotten discouraged from thrifting because they've actually tried and got disappointed because they walked out with nothing. The biggest tip I have for people starting to thrift is to DO NOT GO TO A THRIFT STORE TO SHOP. That probably made no sense at all since you pretty much buy things, but what I mean by to "not shop" is that you should release any expectation/hope of getting a certain thing.

When most people usually go shopping (unless it's "window shopping"), we usually have a pre-notion thought of "I'm looking to buy a pair of black jeans" or "I need to find a white long sleeve for work." A thrift store is pretty much a treasure trove of goodies and you'll have NO idea what you're going to find unless you physically have it in your hands. Nowadays I like to think of it as a game because one day I may walk out with nothing, but one day I may walk out with 15 things!

I used to try to go thrifting with the thoughts like "I'm going to thrift a cool pair of shoes today!" ...then I'd walk out without a pair of shoes. Essentially I'd get pretty disappointed and the fun of thrifting was gone.

Now where do I thrift, you may ask? Here are several of my favorite places that I’ve personally gone to that I absolutely love!


— international thrift store

I’m usually a Goodwill gal because I LOOOVE $1 day! Every Saturday (in Las Vegas), one certain color tag will be $1 for the entire day. For example, if the color tag of the week is orange, then EVERYTHING orange tag in that store is $1. Doesn't matter what it is, it's $1! Some of my best $1 items that I've snagged are my comfiest basic black joggers, the wallet-purse shown to the right, levi's jeans, an Express “little black dress.”

NOTE: Every city has their own weekly deals for Goodwill, so make sure to take note of the deals if you go in your city! For example, Los Angeles' $1 day is on Thursday instead of Saturday.

The catch? You have to become a Goodwill VIP member. But don't worry - it's totally free to sign up (and it's seriously worth it if you're starting to thrift more often!) As of March 2018, Goodwill Vegas launched a monthly sale where every 2nd Saturday of the month has the entire store 50% off (excluding red tags) and $1 tags!

Definitely go early as the line gets EXTREMELY long throughout the day.

NOTE 2: I’ve only noticed that the Las Vegas market has the VIP program, so let me know if your city has one or not!

P.S. This entire outfit from Goodwill was less than $30!


— international thrift store

Apart from usual Goodwill stores, there’s also Goodwill Clearance. Goodwill Clearance is different from regular Goodwills because their items are in a bunch of bins that you dig through, then everything is priced by weight. I honestly haven’t been to Goodwill Clearance as often as I’d like to, but my favorite Donna Karen long-sleeve came from Goodwill Clearance on Dean Martin (shown below)

Just a heads up, I highly suggest bringing hand sanitizer and possibly a pair of gloves ‘cause it can get pretty dirty LOL.


— international thrift store

Honestly, I haven’t really gone to Savers all that much because I’m more of a Goodwill gal, but my good friend Tyler from Thrifts and Tangles is all about thrifting at Savers! Check out her blog on “How To Thrift Shop Like A Pro” for some awesome tips!

Savers also has a Super Savers Club that you can join for free so that you can get up to 50% off on select sale days.

P.S. The black and white leather Air Maxes in the photo were scored from Savers for $10!


— local thrift store

Out of alllll of the thrift stores on this list, Martin’s Mart is definitely the cheapest. I’ve scored some Forever 21 velvet pants for 50c and a White Sierra wind breaker for $2.50. Their hours are VERY limited as they’re only open from 10AM-2PM Mon-Sat, but it’s definitely worth it to dig if you can stop by!

Nike Pants from Charleston Outlet - $3

Nike Pants from Charleston Outlet - $3


— local thrift store

Charleston Outlet was the most recent place I’ve discovered for thrifting and man, is it a treasure trove. I’ve gotten T.U.K. Leather Viva Mondo Creepers for $20, Nike pants for $3, and a BRAND NEW Article leather couch for $300 (MSRP $1800). Although I didn’t keep the couch since my friend was actually going to buy it on that same day, I just let her pay me how much I paid for it since she really needed a couch. Charleston Outlet has definitely become one of my favorite places for me to go to (especially since it’s down the street from me!) I personally have found a lot of brand name items like Nike, Adidas, and Champion here for less than $6, which is why it has also become one of my favorites.


— national consignment store

Buffalo Exchange is actually a consignment store, meaning that people sell their items in order to get 1/3 cash back or 1/2 price store credit. For example, say you sell a pair of pants and they’re going to sell it for $15 in the store - you either get $7.50 in store credit or $5 in cash. If you go in and try to sell your clothes, don’t get discouraged if they don’t buy your items! When I first tried to sell, they didn’t take ANYTHING. After going to Buffalo Exchange tooooons of times, I started to get the handle of what they like to buy and what they don’t.

Although you most likely will spend more money here compared to a thrift store, your probability of finding designer brands is definitely higher here. Personally, first thing I do is hit the sale racks when the tags start getting marked down on the 1st day of each month - sale tags are 25% off until the 15th of the month and then 50% off after the 15th of the month.


(Inspired by Thrifts and Tangles)

Hopefully these tricks and places have helped motivate you to go out there and dig! I totally understand that thrifting can be pretty time-consuming, but if you happen to pass by a thrift store and have a bit of time to spare… you never know what you'll find unless you try. c:

Please send me any of your thrift finds after reading this article! I’d love to see what you find.

Lots of love,
Rosemary Fajardo 🖤