New Beginnings — How Did I Get Here?

I have come to a point in my life where I finally feel like I am confident in myself and my path in life, but it wasn't easy to get to this point.

After all of the guilt and heartbreaks from past romantic relationships, after constantly fighting with my family until I finally moved out, and after all of the relationships I've created with thousands of souls both in-person and on the internet, I've realized that my purpose is strongly aligned with spreading love and connecting people to themselves and to other souls.

For the past few months, I kept telling myself that I didn't know enough — that I wasn't qualified enough... but I've finally stepped into my power to speak from my own experiences and speak my truth to set an example for how I envision the world to be.

Until this point of writing this documentation, I've spent 99% of my life not wanting to be seen or heard by the masses... and then I realized that being seen and heard was what was meant for me in this life.

My intention with my website is to be as authentic as I possibly can and to help you find you (and the love within yourself.) I strongly believe that we are all reflections of each other, so I intend to guide you to your true self by being my true self.

A very sincere thank you to everyone who has been with me through my journey of life, especially those who have shown a great support in my artistic endeavors. I have soooo many ideas that I'd love to come to fruition like in-person and online workshops, eco-friendly and meaningful physical material, and the start of my blog documentation to share what has helped me grow as a person.

As I continue building the foundations of my new business launching in the next few months, I would really appreciate if you consider becoming a patron or simply giving a love donation through Paypal. Every donation counts whether it is $1 or $100,000 — it simply goes back to you since I create for you.

This is the beginning of my journey to change the world — the world inside of you and the that world we live in.

Lots of love,
Rosemary Fajardo 🖤

Photo by: Apollo Balos