My Sudden Change of Career Paths — What Happened?

Up until this point, a majority of people whom I know personally or online have known me as a videographer and/or photographer. Sure, I'm great at creating videos and taking photos… but I always felt like there was always something missing inside of me.

I was so fixated on the idea of still being known as someone who creates really dope videos and takes dope photos, but I realized that that’s what most of society could see about me because those were the only products I was offering and presenting. It took me a while to take a step back, stop listening to what other people had to say about me and really listen to what I had to say about myself —

I am Rosemary Fajardo and I help souls learn about perspectives of unconditional love so that they can journey with a life more aware of love towards themselves and to others.

Took me a while to get to that bold statement. A lot of shared conversations among many different people as I was lost and confused on how to articulate exactly what it is I wanted to do for my new business. Honestly, I'm still figuring a lot out of the details... but it feels great to feel like I can communicate what I envision to do for the world in a overall, concise statement.

I was never really fixated on creating titles because to me, there was no depth to titles. As I had a meeting with Glen Meier last week, he asked me several questions about what I wanted my business to entail and why he should basically hire me. I stumbled over my thoughts and words... and then he proceeded to tell me that it's great that I was fumbling because communication is never that easy.

(P.S. Glen is a lawyer who brings love to the law... and is the one who taught me about conscious contracts!)

As a big advocate of communication, there were always battles within me on whether or not I communicated "right." Through this journey of mine, I realized that as long as my words come from the heart, my communication will always be sincere with my intent to be as loving, compassionate, and real as I possibly can. Nobody's perfect and I still have my rare moments of sounding like an asshole, but as long as I continue to be aware of how I communicate... this will hopefully remind you to be aware of how you communicate.

And yes, I have had moments of sounding like an asshole LOL.

So with that being said, my career path involves me to speak my truth, speak from my heart, and speak with love. I release any old ideas of me being known as a videographer or photographer from this point forward... and I invite you to release these ideas as well.

I am Rosemary Fajardo and I love love.

Lots of love,
Rosemary Fajardo 🖤

Photo by: Jimmie Flora