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My Sudden Change of Career Paths — What Happened?

Up until this point, a majority of people whom I know personally or online have known me as a videographer and/or photographer. Sure, I'm great at creating videos and taking photos… but I always felt like there was always something missing inside of me.

I was so fixated on the idea of still being known as someone who creates really dope videos and takes dope photos, but I realized that that’s what most of society could see about me because those were the only products I was offering and presenting. It took me a while to take a step back, stop listening to what other people had to say about me and really listen to what I had to say about myself —

I am Rosemary Fajardo and I help souls learn about perspectives of unconditional love so that they can journey with a life more aware of love towards themselves and to others.

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New Beginnings — How Did I Get Here?

I have come to a point in my life where I finally feel like I am confident in myself and my path in life, but it wasn't easy to get to this point.

After all of the guilt and heartbreaks from past romantic relationships, after constantly fighting with my family until I finally moved out, and after all of the relationships I've created with thousands of souls both in-person and on the internet, I've realized that my purpose is strongly aligned with spreading love and connecting people to themselves and to other souls.

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VIDEO | Why I Left My Job (Again)

Yesterday I left my job at JMPforce to pursue my path of creating content with the purpose of helping people realize their potential to be their best self. I've noticed that I tend to leave my jobs after about a year, but each job has definitely taught me valuable lessons to help lead me to where I am today.

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