VIDEOS | The Story Behind "Talks With A Past Lover"

Throughout June 2019, I launched a new series called “Talks With A Past Lover” which involved me having a conversation with people I used to date. The intention of this series is to inspire others to communicate, let go, and move forward from past hurt rather than building a heart wall and shutting people out.

I thought about this idea for a couple of months before I finally told myself that I would do it. Since I’m all about balance and authenticity, I really wanted to share both sides of the story rather than just mine. Most of the time when a relationship ends, only one side of the story is told… and boy, that’s usually the time when the truth gets skewed.

I’ve definitely been fortunate enough to be friends with most of the people that I’ve had a romantic relationship with over the past 12 years (and for those who are wondering, I had a romantic relationship with 8 past significant others.) All of these souls are so dear to me as they have taught me so much to get to where I am today. Without them, I would not have been able to dive deep within myself and ask myself what true love actually feels like. Today I know how unconditional love truly feels and I strive to practice it every day… to anyone and everyone.

As I sent the proposal to each one, 5 had said yes, 2 had said no, and 1 did not reply at all (the one who didn’t reply is a long story for another day LOL). It took me a couple of months to record all 5 episodes since one was in Orange County and one was in Chicago. As I started to release the episodes, one that was recorded asked to cut out a part of our conversation and one felt uncomfortable just to release in general. I felt like cutting out a part of the conversation really took away from the overall conversation, so I decided to only release 3 total raw, uncut conversations.

I also had the crazy idea to have other people and their past significant others be on TWAPL, but the reality is that it’s soooo rare to find two people to talk about their past. Although reality hit me after releasing the third conversation, maybe one day I will be able to continue the series in the future.

Here are the 3 conversations I had the opportunity to release to the world and once again, a huge thank you to Alix, Rei, and Andy for sharing their side of the story as well.