Hi love – I'm Rosemary Fajardo!
As an intuitive soul guide and certified energy healing professional, I’m passionate about helping souls love, connect, and balance their mind, body, and soul. I truly believe that you’re here for a reason and I thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey by being on my website. 😊
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A message from Rosemary:

I went through my experiences of rough breakups and deep depression, always fought with my family as I grew up, and used to constantly feel misunderstood/alone even though I had thousands of friends in real life & on social media... but I realized that I had to go through those dark times to learn how to heal and to come back to my beautiful, loving self.

If you relate to any of this, you have the ability to grow and move forward from your dark times too.

Everyone is going through their own journey, so it would be an honor to be part of yours on a deeper level. ❤️

Intuitive Soul Guidance
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Emotion Code

When you experience an Emotion Code session, you experience deep energy healing that lasts a lifetime.

The Emotion Code™ is a modality of holistic energy healing that is designed to remove emotional baggage, bring in more love into your life, ease constant physical discomfort, and bring you closer to overall balance within yourself.

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Intuitive Soul Guidance

If you find yourself constantly in a cycle and you’re ready to make a change, I would love to help you release the old and bring in the new. I absolutely love helping people grow on their journey of self because we’re all in this together to raise the collective consciousness. Through my ability to connect to your subconscious and/or spirit, my intention with us connecting is to help guide you to accelerate your self-growth and navigate your soul path.

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Speaking & Workshops

Sharing my experiences and what I've learned through them has always been a passion of mine. I strongly believe that we can always learn something new from someone else, so my intention whenever I receive the opportunity to speak or host a workshop is to have you leave with new perspectives that resonate with you deeply and help you grow. When it comes to my workshops, I stress the importance of doing the inner work after gaining new perspectives and knowledge.

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What souls have to say about our sessions together —
Walanya, 26
In-Person Human Emotion Code Session
"I recommend everyone to experience for themselves"
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My emotion code session with Rosemary significantly helped me heal both emotional and physical pain. For at least a year I was experiencing bad stomach pains that seemed to have an unexplainable cause. I had no idea these could be related to trapped emotions! Rosemary does such a good job at explaining the process of her work and will put you at ease before she starts the session. Be prepared for her to amaze you with the accuracy of what she picks up on. During our session she helped me heal multiple trapped emotions that were contributing to my stomach pains and issues with remaining present. I sincerely started feeling better during our session and its only gotten better after. She helped me release trapped emotions I had acquired in my life, but also inherited trapped emotions– I was shocked to find that I was carrying a trapped emotion that started ten generations back! I could go on and on but this is something I recommend everyone to experience for themselves. You will feel the results immediately. I really feel like she helped me remove the “emotional residue” that was holding me back. Ever since I did the emotion code session with Rosemary, I haven’t experienced any discomfort with my stomach, and by this I mean I haven’t even had to take any pain medicine or supplements which I normally would have to use daily. Not only this, I’ve experienced positive changes all around. I feel more present, this has helped significantly with anxiety I’d experience driving, I don’t have racing thoughts in my mind, I am able to focus better… I only have positive things to say about emotion code and the work that Rosemary is doing. I’d recommend having a session with Rosemary to everyone! I am so thankful for Rosemary and all the healing and growth I’ve experienced because of her!

Stephanie, 28
Distance Human Emotion Code Session
"After two Emotion Code distance sessions, my hip pain has drastically reduced to almost nothing"
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I had been experiencing lots of pain for over a year due to my recently discovered lopsided hip. Months of chiropractor visits, endless painkillers, constant limping, excruciating pain, a disappearing social life and eventually needing a cane left me at my wits end. I reached out to Rosemary in a desperate attempt to ease my pain. After two Emotion Code distance sessions, my hip pain has drastically reduced to almost nothing! I haven't used my cane or painkillers and have only experienced very minimal pain since then. For the first time in months, I feel like I am finally getting my life back. Thank you, Ro! You are amazing!

Joanne, 25
In-Person Intuitive Soul Guidance Session
"I felt like I wasn’t completely alone on this journey and definitely felt a lot lighter after our meeting"
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Rosemary is awesome! I came to her when I felt stuck during a very tough time in my life. She was able to help me get unstuck by sharing her experiences and stories and reassured me that I’m right where I’m meant to be. Also, I felt like I wasn’t completely alone on this journey and definitely felt a lot lighter after our meeting. If you need a friend to talk to or help guide you in the right direction, Rosemary’s your girl!

Christel, 24
In-Person Intuitive Soul Guidance Session
"This intuitive guidance session really helped me know and be sure of the next few steps that I need to take in my life"
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I did intuitive soul guidance with Rosemary. During the intuitive soul guidance, my question was if I was on the right path in my career/if entrepreneurship was for me. I’ve been journaling a lot, and I had ideas on what I want to do, but I somehow can’t put together a clear picture of what I want to do that I’m 100% sure of. I was always so unsure of the decisions I make in life in general. It felt like I had no direction. The outcome of the intuitive soul guidance session I had with Rosemary gave me the reassurance that I’m in the correct path as far as my decisions/decisions I want to make in certain aspects of my life. It was like I already knew what needs to be done but was unsure of them/had doubts about them, and this session gave me the push to just go through with those decisions. Every single card that came out from the Numerology Deck was literally everything I’ve been journaling and praying about. Although I don’t have a 100% clear mental picture of what I want to do yet (I know I’m getting there), at the very least this intuitive guidance session really helped me know and be sure of the next few steps that I need to take in my life, most especially in my personal life, which heavily affects my career. ❤️

Tsunala, 22
Distance Human Emotion Code Session
"I am very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to have Rosemary try this type of healing on me"
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I was dealing with a lot of emotional distress when I came across Rosemarys gift of emotion code reading. We went over a couple buried emotions that had built up over the years, and after releasing them, all the problems that I was facing beforehand that were causing so much stress, quickly became more peaceful and clear. My headaches and backaches started to clear up as well as the stress. I am very grateful to have gotten the opportunity to have Rosemary try this type of healing on me.

Nicole, 25
In-Person Human Emotion Code Session - Heart-Wall Clearing
"I experienced a wave of relief like a pressure had been lifted"
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I visited with Rosemary for an Emotion Code session. She worked with me to break down my heart wall. She cleared inherited traumas from my wall, emotions still trapped from my childhood, and even worked to remove very recent emotions that had embedded themselves in my body. Rosemary was very skilled with the efficiency of her practice while also soothing to be around.

After the session, I experienced a wave of relief like a pressure had been lifted. I was able to think clearly and felt I was able to process some ties to move on. As if a chapter closed so a new one could begin the following day. I’m really glad I did the Emotion Code session and would highly recommend it to anyone who is even curious about Rosemary can do for them.

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